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A collaboration by Morgan Kaolian and Tim English to save Pleasure Beach for area residents


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... to an incredible documentary film

"The Lost Stable" by Peter Vandall







Pleasure Beach -- a beautiful 63 acre oasis that is historically part of the glory of Bridgeport.

Older residents will tell you of the wonderful experiences and memories ... the beach, carousel, roller coaster, midway, funhouse.   After the passing of Pleasure Beach as an amusement park,  people still came to fish,  swim or lie on the beach,  go for a stroll or attend a play at the Polka Dot Playhouse.






This wooden bridge took you to Pleasure Beach.  Part of the fun of driving over the bridge was the click-click-clack-clack of the wooden boards.  Many locals enjoyed fishing off of the bridge.







 An aerial photo of Pleasure Beach taken during the early 50's




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If you have never been to Pleasure beach, it is difficult to imagine how beautiful and a wonderful experience Pleasure Beach could be.





Circa 1940 - 1950:

A "picture postcard" of the era ... back when a postcard was a postcard.  Sending a postcard required a skill in penmanship and a stamp you had to lick, to send an image of Pleasure Beach to someone distant.  The process was a far cry from texting on a cell phone and sending an image.